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The latest at Mendaera

Introducing Mendaera

Mendaera is developing technology that will enable all healthcare providers to do more for their patients. Our platform combines real-time imaging, robotics, and artificial intelligence to make precise and consistent intervention more accessible. Our aim is to eliminate barriers in the patient journey, accelerate recovery, delight customers, and reduce cost of care.

Josh DeFonzo, Co-Founder and CEO of Mendaera

We founded Mendaera to address inefficiencies and unmet needs in healthcare using advanced technology. We are building solutions that will make healthcare better for our friends, families, and humans across the globe. We recognize the responsibilities we have as participants in the healthcare ecosystem.

We empathize with patients and realize that in most circumstances the need to utilize healthcare services likely means that some level of pain and uncertainty is involved. Our primary aim is to improve that experience as much as possible.

We understand the pressures that healthcare providers experience in healthcare systems across the globe. Hours are long, administrative burdens are increasing, reimbursements are shrinking, and job satisfaction is often strained.

We acknowledge that administrators and payors are looking to realize better value for the dollars they spend caring for beneficiaries. New medicines, therapies, and devices need to pay for themselves by improving and extending quality of life, enhancing patient satisfaction, and reducing the overall cost of care.

We view regulators and other stakeholders as partners in the journey to develop healthcare technology. Their mission to ensure that innovations are safe, effective, and used when medically necessary should not be seen as impediments in the innovation process, but bars to be reached and surpassed.

Lastly, beyond just understanding our stakeholders, we want to build great things by building a great company. If you want to help us do that, check out our open roles today.


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